Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Super ofertă de închiriere echipament de test şi măsură

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Informaţii echipament

OTDR JDSU MTS-6000 + 8126LR (SM 1310/1550nm; 43/41dB)

Rază lungă de acţiune: 1310/1550nm modul OTDR

Interval dinamic: 43/41dB

Tip conector: FC/PC

Taxă închiriere echipament:

892 EURO/lună

Taxă livrare echipament:



Nowadays we can find more difficult and bigger IT systems in accordance with physical size or with the number of users.

Sometimes these systems influences the life of thousands of people, moreover other systems helps the daily activity of thousands of companies.
It works correctly, when we cant observe their operating.
Our target is that, the informatical systems of our clients operating the way like their users and colleauges will have a continuous and trusty supply.
Furthermore it will be the most naturally thing for theirself.


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