Saturday, May 26, 2018

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IT networks and network devices

We are trying for to satisfy the needs of our partners with complete IT solutions and turnkey systems installation. We undertake complete network design and deployment with systems ranging from very small to several hundred workstation. After assessing the needs of clients, our staff will design and develop a complete office system.
In case of a well-planned and executed network is possible the energy and other costs minimalization. The operation of the transparent system structure and any structural changes are much simpler.
Our activities are characterized by high technical sophistication, which allows us to provide our world-renowned manufacturer and are characterized by high added value that is the result of the many years accumulated know-how by our company.

Our activities:

  • IT surveying and consulting
  • Complex information systems planning
  • Structured networking (LAN and WAN)
  • Computers, computer equipment purchase and installation
  • Servers, server farm installation, configuration
  • Customized system support, system operations
  • It systems safety aplications
  • It systems exploatation and maintenance

Telecommunications equipment and solutions

One among many solutions of our company are the solutions for telecommunications. Cable TV else internet service providers can to find the appropriate equipment for their needs and ideas. Of course, the telecommunications equipment are also available for small companyes too, whether complete system implementation or only simple VOIP cost cutting systems implementation.

Our solutions include, among others:

  • construction of telephone networks
  • VOIP systems attached to the computer network
  • PBX, GSM and VoIP interfaces, routers, purchase and installation
  • Cost and telephone equipment and network management solutions for data transportation

Get more from qualified experts, the great experience, extensive relationships in foreign and domestic suppliers, our internal quality assurance system are the guarantee that our services are always of the highest standards, using the most advanced tools and methods to provide our clients.

IT Security

Today, most business processes are computized and many companies information asset are high value. The business process computers and the information processing of complex information systems are expuse to more and more danger, to lurks.
IT Security in the treatment of a broad service portfolio has been developed so as not to remain a weak link in the chain. Our services include traditional and network security solutions such as antivirus and firewall, intrusion detection and traffic control and filtering.