Power supply


AC Uninterruptible power supplies UPS

The battery is the most sensitive parts of the UPS. Problems with battery may occur after prolonged use. 6-12 months you should recalibrate the battery sensor, and every few years to replace the batteries.
Our company distributes a wide range of UPS, so we can offer solutions for every need. For the price-conscious customers we offer middle class „standby” or „line interactive” types. To protect the high quality equipments we serve double-conversion type.

Unintreruptible DC power supply (12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC)

Our DC power supllies generally are characterized by a large out going power scale, performance, reliability, wide input voltage limit, overvoltage and overtemperature protection against the possibility of setting consumer-side performance, competitive price.

We offer in power supplies category the satisfaction of all requirements. The unique, individual needs, undertake the compilation of supply cabinets.

Inverters, converters

In connection with the power supplys we offer a wide range of inverters and converters for commercial use.

Remote monitoring!

For clients who is burdensome to maintenance and management the company’s UPS park, we offer help to overcome this problem with UPSs remote management features . We undertake the remote management of different intelligent UPSs installed in our clients IT network. Be notified anticipated the occurrence of the disturbance by SMS, phone or e-mail to the customer specified person by the prior to problem. So this can be prevented and saves you much vexation. In the case where there is no suitable specialist, we undertake to troubleshoot the problem. We of course follow to the periodic servicing time and we will also inform the client about expiration for this.

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