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Document management


Document Management, Business Processes and Communications in one Solution


iPortalDoc is an integrated solution for Document and Process Management  based on workflows.

Allows the modeling and implementation of processes related to all areas of public and private organizations: Electronic Billing with Digital Signature, Orders, Proposals, Purchases, Mail, Contracts, Complaints and others.

At any given moment in a process that takes place on iPortalDoc, the Document Management, with the involvement of various users and different departments, one will always have access to the entire history of individuals involved, interventions that have been carried out, as well as documentation e-mails associated, facilitating research and avoiding loss of time and information. This results not only in the continued improvement of activities and processes of organizations, making them more efficient, but in the increase of productivity in the different areas of business.

Communications (e-mails, calls and instant messages) integrated with Document and Process Management. iPortalDoc is the only Document Management Software which integrates in a singular way with communications such as calls, e-mails and chat conversations. They are recorded and associated to documents and can be accessed at any time.



Document Management Software


Implementing a Document  Management solution will bring many advantages to your organization:

  • Automatized and standardized work processes;
  • Dematerialization of documents and processes;
  • Less paper for circulating information and its associated costs
  • Centralized management of company archive;
  • Standardization of documents ;
  • Extremely easy to find, edit, process and send documents.
  • Total control and security of information through workflows (documents and processes);
  • Increased administrative efficiency, which saves time to employees to do other tasks.

With iPortalDoc you can decrease the time you spend searching and managing documents

in 50% 60% and even 70%, flawlessly, saving costs on physical archive infrastructures