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About us

Nowadays economical organization are aware of the necessity of a performing IT system, in order to keep their market position. A system, which assures the continuity of their activity. For more than 12 years our company possesses the specialized knowledge, the stuff, and the support of the renowned manufacturers, able to satisfy the need of our partners.

In our conception the IT&C system integration means the interlocking of the extant systems with brand new equipment, in order to create a well functional infrastructure. In a collaboration with manufacturers and developers, we aim to assure a continuous and smooth work of the applications in this system.

It is also important the flexibility and the scalability of the running IT implementations. To catch these targets, strategical planning and continuous consulting are at the base of all of our implementations.

For our contracted partners, we have created a non-stop hotline contact, which helps us to answer fast to all of the problems of our clients. In 2009 we implemented the ISO quality management system to assure our services at a higher level of responsibility for our partners.

Our colleagues know that, the clients are in the center of attention, and our main obligation is to serve their needs. The activity of our colleagues is on a high professional level and they have motivations to reach day-by-day to better solutions. We are committed to learn and to implement new technological inventions, in order to offer for our partners a long-term partnership.

We advocate any ideas of environment protection as well.

The mission of our company is to fulfill the professional needs of the clients, from the planning to the implementing, the maintenance and to the supervision of the extant systems. Since founding, our company has been growing, years by years, both in the volume of the projects and the number of the contracted partners, due to the correctly applied business philosophy and the fair market behavior of the company.

In the next years we would like to grow our market share and we would like to be a cutting-edge market performer of the region.

You can find our quality management assessment available here.